Cake Flavors: Classic white, Decadent Chocolate, Fudge Marble, Strawberry,Yellow,French Vanilla Bean.

Filling Flavors:

Lemon,Cherry,Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Mousse,Raspberry, Strawberry, Bavarian Cream, Pistachio, Hazelnut Chocolate Cream,Cherry, Strawberry,Raspberry,Almond Cream Cheese,Italian Cream,Pastry Cream.

Fillings are $1.00 more per serving of the tier or per cake serving size.

Specialty Flavors Cake Flavors:Specialty flavors are $1.00 more per serving or per cake serving size. 
Red Velvet,Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Raspberry, Pumpkin spice, Almond Cake, Italian Cream Cake.

*If you have an old family recipe that you would like to try and use please feel free to bring it in and we can talk about it.